Be Kind to Unkind People-They Need It The Most

Assalamualaikum to all the readers..

Be kind to unkind people -They need it the most. ~Ashleigh Brilliant~

I'm trying to understand this quote..unkind people need more kindness..Poorly loved people need more love..They just do not see much of good things around them,so why don't we show them the things that they are lacking..the way they should act,react,behave..So,when people treat us in a bad manner,treat them back in the nicest way possible..It's a kind of self motivation,positive way of thinking and action..How to make us live happier and less stress ..If we do this,we lose fact we gain something..It develop patience inside us..

Kindness should be repaid with kindness..
but unkindness should also be repaid with kindness.. 

aha..learn something? -)

p/s:I'm not that kind also..therefore,please..treat me kindly,as I need kindness the most...ahaks..-D