Why A Woman Cries

Why a woman starts crying?Various reasons..here are some of them..

Why a woman cries
Because she gets emotional easily,
Making her feel touchy-feely,
When hearing other’s sad story,
As if it is her own life journey.

Why a woman cries
Because she was hurt terribly,
By the closest ones or anybody,
Even simple words not taken lightly,
She always being hurt unknowingly.

Why a woman cries
Because she feels very lonely,
When those she loves are so busy,
Leaving her lost and feeling scary,
Hoping for heart to be tended lovely.

Why a woman cries
Because she gets angry,
She can’t say it directly,
Don’t want to hurt anybody,
Hence shedding tears slowly.

Why a woman cries
Because she feels regret and guilty,
Remembering the sins and past story,
She pray and crying non-stoppingly,
Until she stops herself then she’s happy.

Why a woman cries
Because she is blessed with sensitivity,
To all her beloved persons very deeply,
Although they might hurt her awfully,
She endure it with all the possibility.

Why a woman cries
Because she feels so pity,
To those who lives in misery,
She wanted to help like crazy,
She pray they'll make it through hopefully.


Why a woman cries
Because she knows it is healthy,
Pouring out her feelings satisfactorily,
Rid of stress, cleanses souls effectively,
Emotions fall to the lowest level peacefully.

Why a woman cries
Because more hormones in her body,
Controlling her organs very nicely,
Estrogens influences her mood greatly,
All happens perfectly naturally.

Why a woman cries
Because premestrual syndromes comes monthly,
A period time ,and she becomes sensitive excessively,
So bear with her she just act accordingly,
That is the time she cries simply easily.

Why a woman cries
To bear the pain during delivery,
Giving birth for a cute baby,
That will change her life totally,
And making her smiles delightedly.

Why a woman cries
Because she feels her world is so stuffy,
With problem unsolved in reality,
Children fight, husband speaks angrily,
She doesn’t know what to do finally.

Why a woman cries
Because she is always worry,
That if she had done the best already,
To the children and the family,
Will they live altogether happily.

Woman cries
When she feels neglected awfully,
By her own beloved family,
Despite her sacrifices full-heartedly
Nobody seems to care her really..

Why a woman cries
Because she is not manly,
Has a weaker heart and also fragility,
Waiting to break any time daily,
Not even signs, it happens so suddenly.

Why a woman cries
Not because she is creepy,
Man please understand her fully,
She need care and protection from hubby,
Don’t let them get bullied by anybody.

Why a woman cries
Can’t be explained easily,
She can just cry nonsensely,
Can’t avoid that, just let her be,
Then she’ll feel relief instanstaneously.

Why a woman cries remains a mystery,
Don’t worry it’s normal usually,
So be assured, it shows she’s healthy,
Unless you think it differently.


Why a woman cries continues..

Why a woman cries
Because she feels extremely happy,
Grateful for all she've got from God (Allah) the Al-Mighty,
Blessed with loving husband and obedient kiddy,
Keeping her strength up and good spirituality.

Why a woman cries
Because she simply feels happy
She's the creation that satisfy easily,
For every small achievements made daily,
Making husband happy is the greatest glory.

-by notcar99-