Don't Be Sad

To my dearest blog which I've left  for quite some time..
I'm not feeling sad actually at the moment..
but just by listening to some kind of instrumental song makes my heart
feels disturbed the stillness inside me..
because the melody of the song is so sad.
It's very soft,nice sentimental music which can make me
stop my work or anything that I do..-p
Sometimes the sadness is unavoidable,it can happens anytime,may not give
any signs,it may be just a moment,a second,and that's all..
I think I'm not listening much to song these days so when I listening ones,the feeling is 
unexplained..I miss this kind of melody..

To remind myself,don't be sad..
or if you suddenly feel sad,remember Allah..
Allah is always there for you..
I can be spontaneous when it comes for something sad..
Mother once said I have the look of someone who suffers a lot,despite a young age..
I might getting older and aging fast if I don't change to a much better life-style
and life-management..Hopefully the next chance will be a lot,much better....hu2..



Dear bella said…
La tahzan my dear...
Be strong... Think that Allah want us to be strong by giving us difficulty and sadness.. The important thing is don't give up... :)