Why Women Cry

Sharing a beautiful poem about Why Women Cry..


Women cry
Because it cleanses our souls
And purifies our spirits
Like a fresh waterfall

Women cry
Because we are emotional creations
And often wear our hearts on our sleeves
Which sometimes get burned
Like irons in a fire

Women cry
Because we nurture kingdoms
During seasonal changes
But often go unthanked by civilizations
As we move into the winters of our lives.

Women cry
Because our tears
Remind us of the salt in our wounds
As we are ever evolving
So we don’t go back to the way things were

Women cry
Because it is our way of becoming stronger
As we move forward toward goals we set for ourselves
And posterity.

Women cry
Because sometimes the struggle is a bit much
To endure for progress’ sake
As we remain phenomenal.

Women cry
Because our tears are an unexplained mystery of life
That, once released, causes us to feel better
To feel refreshed, to feel quenched and satisfied.

So sister, get your cry on, if you must
Because tears don’t diminish the strength of a woman
They only serve to demonstrate that we are a lifeforce with which to be reckoned.

Vickie M Oliver-Lawson