Happy Birthday Poems

It May Be Late, But It’s Not Too Late
 ~Tom Mulhern~

It’s your birthday, woop-de-doo
Another year you’ve made it through

Some parts were high and some were low
But where exactly did the rest of it go? 
And what is it that you have to show? 

A few gray hairs, a pound or two
But about those dreams of things you’ll do . . . 
Like learn to play tuba, or visit Katmandu
Or read “War and Peace” all the way through? 

Whatever secret wish you may hold
Sensibly cautious, or outrageously bold
My wish for you, no matter how old
Is to act out some stories as yet untold

On your birthday,
I pray that you will always
have laughter in your life.
I pray that I will often
have the privilege and joy
of seeing you smile.
I pray that you
will be easily amused
and find life funny
instead of crazy.
I pray that this birthday
finds you peaceful and happy.

 ~ Joanna Fuchs~

`Happy Birthday to you'
May Allah bless you..


s a r said…
assalamualaikum beb.

happy belated birthday. sia2 je aku set reminder kat phone aku, last2 lupa jugak nak wish. hee.

semoga sentiasa dirahmati n diredhai beb. dimurahkan lagi rezeki, and cemerlang dalam study kaw. inshaAllah. :)
nurul said…
wassalam.xpe sar,ak pon lebih kurang je kalo bedday siblings aku.Mesti jadi belated jugak,one day after tu bru ingt,tu kalo ingatla..huhu