Why I Cry

Why I Cry

You’re the reason why I cry

The way I'm feeling

It's quite hard to describe

I feel so alone and lost

In this unbearable life.

Too many twisted emotions

My stomach all tied in knots

Wish there was something I could do

To completely erase all these thoughts.

How long must I feel this pain?

I've cried so many tears

I can't stand looking in your eyes

Only to see all of my fears

How can you believe the smile on my face

When you can clearly see the pain in my eyes

Take a step back and look deeper

You're the reason why I cry

Stop Crying And Let's Start Smiling -)

Today I Found Out
google images..-D


s a r said…
kaw menangis eh weh... :D

salam beb.
nurul said…
@s a rwassalam..haah,aku dengar lagu nasyid tadi,tbe2 kluar air mate..kejapje..hu2 -)
Anonymous said…
assalamualaikum,, kak lama tak datang sini.. sihat?? btw cheer up ur life sis,, air mata itu bagos saat kita rasa kersilnya diri kita depan DIA :) btw may ALLAH bless u :)
nurul said…