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Perfect example of confidence

Perfect example of confidence:
 A junior in an office dialed his boss's number by mistake & said :
 Hey, send a coffee in my cabin in two minutes !...........boss shouted : do you know whom you're  talking to ?!!!!!!
 Junior : no!
 Boss: i'm the boss of this office.
 Junior (in the same tone) : & do u know whom you're talking to?
 Boss: no!
 Junior: thank God. (and disconnected da phone).....:d :p

Sweet demand by a kid

A Sweet demand by a kid.
A kid was beaten by his mom.
Dad came n asked- what happen son?
Kid said-I cant adjust with your wife anymore,
I want my own.

When cockroach disappears

Seeing a Cockroach on ur bed
is nothing actually....!!
The Real Problem Starts When It Disappears...!! ;-) 

Picture on driving license and facebook

Funny Truth-
No one is as ugly as their driving license/ identity card picture,
nor as good-looking as their facebook profile pic..! :

Funny fact of studies

This Funny fact always happen with me:
Study for one Hour-
No One sees.!
But pick up mobile just 4 a second,
& Mom/Dad enters d room! ;)

Students r not cheaters

Innocent Line written On T-shirt of A Student..
 'Student are not Cheaters
 we just really enjoy having the Same answers..' ;-) 

Why r u praying in classroom?

In class room one 7-year old boy was praying Allah Allah.

Teacher: Why r u praying in classroom?

Boy: Mom advised me that
 before sleeping u must pray Allah Allah

Clock will never be stolen

 Words Written Above A Classroom Clock….
 “This Clock Will Never Be Stolen,
 Coz Too Many Students Are Watching It..!