Stress-Part 2

What's that stiffness in my neck? 
Feel that lump come in my throat 
Stomach dropping to my knees 
Feel like I just missed the boat

Panic rising to my head 
Heartbeat racing, breathing fast 
Can I do it? Will I fail?
How long will these feelings last?

Apprehension overwhelms 
Nervous twitching, fingers curled 
Tension headache, aching back 
All these symptoms now unfurled

Now my body's overrun 
Hormones racing from my glands 
Must release it, let it out 
How to do it's in my hands

Lost our way of fight or flight 
Stored up anger, unreleased 
Words and shouting flung about 
Now it's time that raging ceased

Relaxation, that's the key 
Integration of the mind 
Exercise, good food to eat 
Leave those worries far behind

Hold that stress out at arm's length 
Draw it, write it, let it go 
Roll it in a little ball 
Throw it out, release that woe

Find the tools you have inside 
Make a choice to be serene 
Welcome stress, become its friend 
Don't put life in quarantine.

by Sharon K. 2000

~Stress in our daily lives..a little stress is good gives some drive to work.
Too much stress is bad..eventhough it's not a big-killer like a cancer or heart attack but it predisposes to various health problems,emotional disturbances and many other issues as well..and the way we handle the stress that matters..Hopefully we can manage stress well.. -)


Anonymous said…
walaupun susah nk fhm puisi (rasa2nya kot) dalam BI nie tapi mesti nak cakap pasal stress kan. Hahaha kalau stress, kena pandai kawal...jgn lepaskan kepada org yang tak bersalah... Bila stress, kita akn mudah marah... pandai2 la kita mengawalnya...
Alif Haris said…
hidup kalau tak stress memang bukan hidup lah namanya ..hihi :D